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COVE Record Single

With the new studio all up and running we have been busy to say the least in the recording department!

This week was no exception with local lads Cove coming in to record their first single with us. Regular users of the studio this 4 piece indie band have a great sound with lots of nice spacey reverb on guitars and catchy rhythm hooks thumping basslines and drums with a groove almost reminiscent of early d&b beats at points in tracks. Well, i was really looking forward to recording the lads and it was a great session resulting in what has been a track i just can't get out of my head.... in a good way.

This band has the makings of something really good that could go far if they continue to churn out these feel good indie tracks, i am a fan. I will be excited to see what they record next and hopefully will get to work on a lot more music with this band.

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