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Small Town Heroes making Big City Music

This will be the 4th track we have recorded with local brit-pop/indie rock band Small Town Heroes and every time it's always something to look forward to....

Now this is not just because they are all a great laugh to work with but they also make the sort of tracks you can't help but enjoy, tracks with a feeling of fun, and a sound that reminds you a bit of 90's indie bands with a crunchy/gain sound to the guitars big sounding choruses and drums. Now whenever they come in to record there is always a good bit of banter which we like and find it makes the whole process nice and laid back resulting in the tracks reflecting that.

The band, Harry 'Bo' Dymoke (Drums), Dan 'No Nickname Yet' (Guitar), Joe 'The Sexy One' Reid(Vox and Guitar) and Adam 'Bass Face' Pomfrett (Bass) are a top group of guys who love making music. The last three tracks were all on their debut EP 'Nothing To Say' which went down pretty well and got some good reviews from local bloggers, maybe my backing vox featuring on title track Nothing to Say helped their cause but we will never know for sure, all i can say is i enjoy this band and hope to make more tracks with them in the future.

You can check out Small Town's social here. You can hear their music here. And for any crazy obsessed fans you can find them practicing here at least once a week!!

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