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Studio Getting Bigger and Better!

The Studio is continuously making changes and improvements, and our team is cracking down and getting organised.

Now when you come in you will be greeted with digital presentations in the front entrance, giving you information and details on all the latest at The Practice Roomz.

We also now have a HD screen in our in-store shop area that will be advertising all of our latest deals and prices. We have plenty of new stock in and are creating many new ways to let you know.

So next time you're in for a rehearsal or a recording, check out our prices and offers! You might find something you've been looking for, but at the right price.

To find out what exactly we sell in-store check out our website or you can find the latest offers on The Practice Roomz Shop Facebook Page. And to keep up with what The Practice Roomz has been up to check out our Facebook page here.

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