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Sprucing up the place with some Oak (doors)

With the harsh winter swooping in, we thought it was about time we'd make your entrance warm and welcoming. With our new addition to the Studio!

Our new exterior is most definitely easy on the eyes, and is doing a fantastic job at keeping all of our customers happy and toasty. The new doors have had a lot of positive feedback from each customer that has visited us, especially remarking on the 'professional' look they exude, which is what we really wanted to reflect!

The new year is approaching fast, and The Practice Roomz has many new plans up it's sleeve. We have a whole load of new things starting in the new year and will keep true to our promises, as always, on constantly keeping ourselves at the top of our game and providing you with the best facility's in Hertfordshire and beyond! If music is your thing...... you know where to come!

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