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Studio gets an Upgrade! New mixing desk for NEW YEAR!!!

With times changing and a whole load of new bands using our recording services it was time to upgrade the desk....

Welcome the new Allen and Heath QU32!!!! It's a hybrid desk incorporating digital and analogue features which you can read more about here. On arrival we were pretty excited to start checking out some of the many features this desk has and also get some test recordings down to test out the highly regarded pre amps this baby has to offer....

We carried out test across the board on hip hop, rock, country, acoustic and even some punk thrown in to see what sort of sound we could achieve.... and it did not disappoint in any way!

The warm vintage sound given from this desk is pretty phenomenal and with the aid of a new condenser valve mic from Lewitt we can get some stonking sounds from this new set up... We are looking forward to easing this new bit of kit in to our set up here at the roomz!!

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