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Krucial Management London Office

Back in 2014 the journey of Krucial Management began, but back then it was just a test pilot where i decided i really wanted to work with an artist that had had me hooked since first seeing him perform, and to see if i could help him reach his full potential musically...

3 years on and the journey has been a wild one, resulting in the formation of Krucial Artist Management Ltd, yes it went better than we thought! Mark Sullivan first caught my eye playing with his band back then, Gekko. I was absolutely blown away by his talent and was surprised to see he had never broke from the local scene and moved to bigger areas in music. It got me thinking about an area of the industry that had always intrigued me, Artist Management, and i started looking at things i could maybe do with Mark to help further his career.

After a great 3.5 years working with Mark we have achieved some great things including winning solo category of 'Rock The House 2015', playing at the 02 and even Isle Of Wight festival 2016 to name a few. To check the full itinerary and merits of Mark's career over the last few years you can check out his social here. Now all of this has built up a good number of contacts and experience for me in the music management field, allowing me to formally start the company in late 2016 due to a recording in America with a highly acclaimed producer and session musicians for Mark's next release, it got serious!!

As we moved towards the end of 2016 whilst out at a music awards ceremony and a few beers, i was lucky enough to meet a group of music industry guys who liked what the Krucial company had done and seemed excited about where it will lead........ So after a couple of meetings in the big smoke, Krucial Management now has been offered a LONDON Office to work out of in the lovely Soho Sq to enable the company to grow and really get in the mix of things. Obviously i am massively appreciative of this opportunity and what it could lead to for the company moving forward, there is no real social media for Krucial management as it has operated in the darkness from the offset, but you can now give us a follow us on Twitter to see what we are up to!! There will be more online for the management company as we move forward this year so keep a look out for what is to come....

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