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8 Tracks and Early Mornings Vol 2

'8 Tracks And Early Mornings VOL 2' is the second in a double release strategy to make the world aware of this young singer/songwriter...

The first LIVE demo with Tim really got us loving his work with amazing lyrics and guitar structures that compliment them perfectly. On top of this Tim's vocal is a real refreshing sound, drawing gravely rocky sounds on an acoustic track, almost reminiscant of early Ray La Montagne stuff, which is a real credit to Tim.

This EP in my opinion was just as good, if not better than the first demo's, both showcasing his writing ability, they are a great listen and something that i urge you to go and have a listen to....

There is word on the street that Tim is coming in at the end of the year to record a radio edit of one of his tracks which is going to give us something to really get our teeth in to and we can't wait to get started!!!

Listen to Tim's demos on his Soundcloud here, check out .

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