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10 Gauge in the house!

As a big fan of rock you can only imagine how excited i was when 10.Gauge asked about starting to track their new EP......

A true hard rock band encompassing all of the things you want most when listening to rock music and done to a superior standard, yes, they are the bollox!! Well i speak from a biased opinion as i have always loved these guys music so you can judge for yourselves when the EP drops but believe me, it's special. Anyhoo, enough of that and on to the rec session...

Luke, who most of you will know from here at the studio is the stick man for 10.Gauge and i was looking forward to recording him in our first full on session for his band. A fantastic drummer, it didn't take long until we had all 3 tracks nailed down and sounding great. He hit them shells like you would hit a man who had just insulted your mum but with such precision and finesse he could have been a surgeon in his former life, they sounded monstrous! Now, due to time constraints we had to move on to guitars next instead of the orthodox bass and we started cracking on with some of the main riffs. TJ and Kieran were manning the axes, both deciding to use a Les Paul Voodoo amongst a wide choice of guitars including a rare Gibson Tiger Dusk and SG. The sounds that were being created through the combination of the Les Voodoo and Blackstar amp were so beefy it would make cows blush and now we started hearing the monsters these tracks were to become... with rhythm laid and solo's going down i was in my element, sipping on a canned G&T (thanks guys) listening to beautifully crafted lead guitar work with heavy riffs and cracking drums, it was bliss.

When we got round to bass it could have been a bit of a mission as we were tracking a bit differently to the norm and we had all had a beer or 2 by now...... but low and behold Mark turned up with the low end, as cool as a cucumber and banged out all 3 tracks in record time to a massively appreciative cheer from the band and myself, however, this was not a cheer of relief, more an appreciation of how he handled his business like a bass boss. It was pretty fucking cool to say the least. Top Marks.

When we started laying scratch vocals the tracks were coming to life and man can this guy sing... Rob came in and layed down vox for all the tracks in various styles and once he decided what was right for the track, he went balls out and delivered what can only be described as some epic, sometimes jaw-dropping vocals.. at one point we were all taking breaths for him as he hit the longest note, without any pause for air, i have ever tracked which you will hear when you buy their EP.

You will all need this in your life once ready for the world to hear so make sure you go like their page here, follow them on twitter here and watch the video below just because..... just because it's a little insight in to how these guys roll.........

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