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With the first 2 Live demo's recorded and out for the world to hear, it was time to record the lyrically gifted Tim Brook's first full release..... Suddenly..

As always recording with Tim is an enjoyable experience and the track was loosly based around a rhythm guitar track and vocal, the rest was up for discussion and input from my good self which i was very excited about. Once we had the guitar and a scratch vocal down we started to really dissect the track and see where we could add/bring things in to make this radio worthy and build to a heightened end. Starting with the bass we put down a simple but effective root bassline which silked in mid 2nd verse really making it's presence felt and bringing a new warmth to the track. After this, Tim being a multi instrumentalist hopped on to the keys and we started to look at bringing in some string sections and piano in the latter 3rd of the track. These parts really helped to get that emotive feeling across on this record of love and the things you would do to conquer it, bringing a whole new spin on the build up to the middle eight. Once all these parts were recorded in, it had always been the intention to finish with some military style drums for the finale, i know, it seems a bit back to front, but all be it, seemed to work on the design of this piece. On hand we had studio drum master Luke Simmons to lay down the beat, and lay it down he did... This track always demanded a big ending to compliment the perfectly structured lyrics which themselves build to a big end. With the addition of some beautifully delivered bv's in the chorus's we had a finished track ready to mix...

Now, this track was always about Tim's raw, gravely vocal telling this story with the instruments almost playing second fiddle, but again, needing to put across emotion to the listener of this track. It all came together really well and with the drums and piano upping the level at the final part of the track before drifting away to a bare vocal and guitar again it makes for an absolutely great listen. Really excited to see what is to come from this young lad but for now you can check out the full video for the track below, and you can purchase the track on Tim's I-Tunes or stream on his Spotify. To keep up to date with what Tim is up to follow him on Facebook here.

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