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With the new studio finished and equipment starting to move in, it was time to purchase a new mic or 2!

Now when it comes to mics there is a whole world out there with options, prices and personal preference, THE LATTER which i would always go by. After hiring in several different mics for use on recordings over the last year or 2 i had a few in mind though really wanted to try out a Lewitt, one of their new range of studio condenser mics, the LCT840 DUAL DIAPHRAGM TUBE MIC.... and wow i'm glad i did.

Nestling around the £1200 mark it was a mid-high price range mic with a lot to offer. On receiving the microphone i was immediately impressed by the case alone, something that looked like it would contain missile codes and should have handcuffs provided to lock to the owners wrist! I just hoped the contents were as good. Once i opened the case i could straight away tell this was a quality product. The design of the microphone's foam enclosure gift wrapped in its own little bag with the multi pattern power unit sitting neatly behind it with cables all tucked away nicely underneath. The cradle for the mic was itself a joyful thing, made well and feeling solid with no fear of the adjuster screws on this breaking or threading (which i have experienced before) it all looked the part. Once all out of the case nice little touches like the lcd display on the power unit to switch between mic patterns, glowing from red to a nice white light upon power up, a very nice looking mic with clear glass front allowing full view of the glowing valve and nice long xlr to multipin cable allowing a good distance between mic and power source.

Already i was liking this product and was looking forward to recording with this beast. Over the period i was loaned this mic i tested it on various styles and set ups from country to hip hop, vocals/guitars room mic, it was good in all areas though vocals were really outstanding with this LCT84O. The clarity and depth achieved from this mic are unbelievable, something you would expect from a much higher priced mic, it gave a warmth to the vocals that really stood out and captured all frequencies astonishingly. I really wanted to link a track which we recorded with this mic for you to check out.... so i have! The mic was used for vocals and some acoustic guitar, so you can have a listen to the clarity see what you think!!! We are very happy to now be a proud owner of the said mic, Lewitt, what a great job you have done with this design across the board, we are looking forward to purchasing some more Lewitt products very soon!

This mic is now in our locker so if you are looking to come in this is just one of the mics you can expect to see in 2017!!!

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