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When we started looking at plans for the new studio back in 2014 we always knew that we needed to make the best use of space available and the possibility of storage facilities.

Well, with the pure sizeof the space and studio built to spec it looked like we would still have room to house a place for storage purposes, so thats what we did. We can now offer storage for your equipment from amps to PA's to drum kits. The storage sections are available in 3 size options which will be 'rented' on a bi-monthly basis meaning if you love to use your own gear or just don't have enough room at home then this could be good option for you. The storage area is going to be accessible to staff throughout hours of business and if you need to take your equipment away for a gig.... no problem, we can have it all out ready for you to pick up prior to your arrival.

Obviously we only have so much space so they will be available on a first come, first serve basis with a running list of people waiting to acquire a storage pod! If you want to know more about the storage options please get in touch via

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