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With the studio's Live events side really gaining momentum over the last year or so we are very excited to be running sound again at London Paddington's triplet of Live music events, that are held every year in the city.

When we first started supplying sound for these guys it was a really exciting time with the events always well attended and hosting some of the UK's finest tribute acts in a whole day of music on 3 separate occasions throughout the British summertime calendar. Now, 3 years on and we are still running sound for them and we have to say enjoying it more every time we work with these guys.

With the new addition this year of professionally recording all of the sets it brings more of a challenge but one we are happy to take on, the first fully recorded event just a couple of weeks back with music from The Rolling Stones (tribute), The Beatles (tribute), Adele (tribute) and Lionel Ritchie (tribute), all blowing us away with their talent.

We still have 2 more to run this year and boy are we looking forward to them! You can watch a little teaser from the last event below where you also get to hear the captured audio from the day to compliment... enjoy! And for anyone looking to come along to an event, it's all FREE ENTRY, just get yourself along, you can find the dates on This Is Paddington Facebook Page!

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