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The studio band base is growing and we are seeing more new bands than ever before using our studios. With the constant rise in new bands and artists finding us we are trying to make the whole booking process as easy as possible for you and also offering block discounts to those who really want to hold their space week in week out.

We now have an online booking form that you can fill out directly from our homepage, 2 mobile numbers and a landline as well as the traditional email to get in touch with us! We do get a lot of enquiry's so the need for new communication methods was a priority and seems to be helping with the booking procedures. We have also introduced contactless card payments to make the whole process of paying for rehearsal/recording or shop items easier.

We really hope to see the studio hub continue to grow and offer the very best home for you to come and do your thing..... and who knows..... we may have to look at site 2 sooner than expected...!!!!

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