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You may remember a while back that we purchased a brand new vocal mic in the way of a Lewitt LCT 840 and it was remarkable!

Well, we loved it so much that we could not resist buying a whole load more.. Once we started to really work with the Lewitt range it became clear these were some of the nicest sounding mics we had used for a while and started looking in to other studio options. Once we had assessed our needs we ordered another 4 mics this time going for the extremely versatile LCT 450 X 2 AND LCT 240 PRO'S X 2.

Though these mics are not in the same league as the 840 they are a great sounding piece of kit that can be used in many studio applications. So far we have tested them out on vocals, guitars, bass and as overheads on the drum kits. To be fair they have sounded excellent in most applications, especially as close mics for cymbals and snare applications giving a very clean, crisp sound that cuts through in recordings.

We love Lewitt mics and will no doubt add to the mic locker again later this year. To hear a demo which has used these mics click here and all will be revealed!

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