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It’s been a busy last few months at The Practice Roomz… from producing some fab new records and working with an ever eclectic horde of artists in our rehearsal spaces, we’ve been hard at work launching some new live nights and putting the studio on the path for a well deserved make-over. (You may have seen our Facebook post about some exciting new acoustic foam…)

Amidst those improvements, we’ve been in touch with some of our favourite musical equipment pioneers in a bid to select some of the best new gear for our bands and soloists to try out. We’re pleased to announce that we will be working with Blackstar amplification to better our current studio set ups.

We have lots of rock and metal bands rehearsing with us, and Blackstar are known as firm amplification favourites within that genre. The Practice Roomz will have some fresh new Blackstar Amps to experiment with - meaning you can get even closer to finding or perfecting your signature sound. You’ll soon be able to find those amps in the Practice Roomz, alongside a snazzy hire amplifier from Blackstar for those that require an amp outside the studio.

This new equipment endorsement means that we’ll also be able to request equipment to borrow for recording sessions and music video filming. So, if there’s a bit of gear that you are desperate to include on your newest tune, let us know in advance so we can reserve it and get it in before your recording.

Looks like a win-win for both Blackstar Amplification and The Practice Roomz!

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