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As you can tell, we're pretty excited.

The Practice Roomz is expanding! We're acquiring a space next to the current studios with the intention of further growth for the business. Over the past year it has got ever busier here at the studio and we have pretty much.... ran out of space! With the addition of storage facilities last year/new hire equipment coming in at the start of this year and the shop growing it has demanded bigger premises, and tied with the fact of new bands and recordings rising it made the decision to expand an obvious one.

What does this all mean? It means a new shop floor for our musical products, including a nifty drum store. The Practice Roomz shop continues its onward journey. Not only this, but we have some BIG players wanting to use the shop as outlet for their equipment in Herts and we will drip feed you these in the coming month.

We also plan to have two new production suites built for musicians to hire to work on recording and mixing independently. This is something we have thought about for a while with the age of electronic music dominant and many people using programmed sounds in production. A space for producers to use, where they can make their tracks in a treated room purpose-built with a great sound, means they can really turn it up! These will be separate facilities to our fantastic live room where we will still be recording all the music that requires big setups.

Additionally, Krucial Management will also have a new Hertfordshire office in addition to their London premises where we can carry on to grow the artist development company in to 2018.

A win overall for local musicians!

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