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About a year ago now we started work on an album with the excellent FS1E. A blogger recently titled them post brit pop, prog punk and we can hear how that genre bending title is thought up from the great variation on their music.

Firstly, it has to be said the lads, Den, Hugh and Tim were an absolute pleasure to work with, which always makes the process of an album much more enjoyable! Initially spending a weekend laying down the drums and bass we had a solid core to start building what was to be their finest work yet.... Now, this album was by no means going to be a rushed job and it was very nice to spend the time getting to know the music and understand each track on a level which we done over a good few months enjoying sessions at a leisurely pace. As we got the various instruments mixed down between sessions every layer that was added allowed us to really feel how it fitted in the overall mix. The way these tracks varied in style was great and really showed the bands writing capability delivering something for all listeners. Once we started to get the guitars tracked the album was really coming to life and just needed the vocal top line to finish them off. As we moved towards the end of recording we were all feeling pretty happy with the sound we had and now we were mixing vocals in it was starting to sound pretty good! All in all this was a great experience working with the band and the added bonus is always really enjoying the music you are working on. My personal fave of the album... there is a track called 'Rolling' which i think is stand out for me though it is very hard to choose a fave. It just seems to resonate with me, great lyrics and a really nice groove/feel to the record.

We finally finished the mixes and masters ahead of release in July this year (2018) and had a few listening sessions to check we were all happy to put the album out in to the wild... and so it was.

You cab check out the full album on Spotify and also find out what the band are up to now on their Facebook page.

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