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A few months back we had some exciting news... the studio's were to expand for the 3rd time allowing us more space for extra rehearsal, a shop and also a level to house Krucial Artist Management.

The progress on the shop side is still underway with decisions yet to be made on hoe to utilise the shop in the best way. As it stands we have taken in a lot more stock for the front of house shop allowing us to hold all the necessities including guitar/bass strings, drumheads, sticks and accessories including moon gel, performance ear plugs and tuners.

We are hoping to have the shop completed by late Autumn and then move on to the upstairs which is going to be one of our most exciting additions yet.... but you will have to keep in check with the social pages to make sure you hear first.. 😉

All we can say is we are very excited o head in to 2019 being able to offer a whole load more for musicians, making it more accessible than ever before.... Keep up to date with progress on the Facebook page here. You can also sign up to our mailing list on the homepage.

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