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Practice Roomz Presentz returns in 2019!

We are bringing the LIVE side back to the Practice Roomz in 2019 by popular demand with an all new studio series of Practice Roomz Presentz hosted here at The Roomz.

With the main focus on these nights of providing a quality performance platform for Original Artists to showcase themselves and their material to a small very intimate capped audience of only 35 people to take place within the studio. Come and experience a triplet of exceptional artists each month starting on Saturday 26th January 2019, this months instalment #1 features Smokin’ Ropes, DrewJam and Meg Gregory.

As these showcase nights will be limited to set numbers of 35 per event if you want to get involved in one of our monthly special events then register by mailing the link below:

Once registered we will send you all the info for the night and you can pick up your tickets in the studio.

These very personal nights are ones that you will not want to miss, with intimate showcase settings and a truly immersive experience in the music... see you there!

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