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HELLO 2019!

We hope you all had a great Christmas break and the harsh reality of going back to work in the dark/cold hasn’t hit you all too hard…..

It’s times like this that getting together with the boys and girls and huddling together in a rehearsal room seems much more enticing than those hot sweaty summer practices…. you know the ones!

We have been continuing full steam ahead with the studio expansion as promised and things are really moving on fast. We are literally only days away from opening the two brand new Mix Suites ready to hire out for Production Projects of all types, ready for any external Producers/Engineers to come and work uninterrupted in a clean precise environment with their Artists. We are very excited about the new Mix Suites!

Give us call to arrange a tour/visit and we can proudly show you round.

We have lots going on this year at The Practice Roomz so keep your eyes and ears well and truly open!

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