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Rock In The Park Stevenage 2019 Applications

So you want to play Rock In The Park Stevenage on Sunday 9th June 2019?

Here is a quick post with advice for a strong application.

1. Fill out the form with as much concise detail as possible. (Link Below)

I know, I know... but you'd be surprised as to how many applications we've already received with "Don't know" or "S*** loads" as an amount after we've requested social media counts.

2. Get a quality Biography written.

Your bio should include some interesting information about you and what your sound is. It always helps when it is well written. A good bio gives the booking agent a taste of what your act is about before they even have a listen. Speaking of which...

3. Make sure you have a few recorded performances online

It may be obvious, but before booking your act we have to hear you. There needs to be recent music uploaded to YouTube or Sound Cloud or possibly even Spotify. Live videos are also a must - we want to know how brilliant you are live as we're booking for a festival performance!

4. Make sure all your links work.

There are few things worse than a dead link - it makes finding your act more difficult! Very occasionally your act may share a name with a completely different band/musician- and we don't want to book the wrong people!


Honestly! Make yourself an online presence, even if it's just a YouTube channel with a few videos. It could even just be a Facebook page. You'll need somewhere for all your newfound fans to touch base and to spread the word of your tunes. I cannot stress the importance of an online presence enough.

So those are some pretty basic starting points. Once you have those you should be good to go!

You can APPLY FOR ROCK IN THE PARK STEVENAGE until April 30th 2019.

Good luck to you all!

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