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So as we are sure all you musicians and music lovers are aware we are now into “Festival Season” which is similar to hunting season but it harms no animals in any way (apart from some festival goers that go a little too far on the drink and sun)

We had a great start to our season with a few mini pop up events to promote the up and coming TODD IN THE HOLE Festival taking place in Todds Green across the weekend of Friday 19th - Sunday 21st July. This is a fantastic family friendly local festival that you should be attending if you haven’t thought about it yet, you will not be disappointed! If you keep your eyes out you will see Todd In Hole pop ups at various events locally prior to the event itself in July.

Sunday 9th June we had the ROCK IN THE PARK event that took place on the King George V Playing Fields in Stevenage which was brilliant. The word on the street is that the event saw over 30,000 over the hole day which is pretty mad, it did seem very busy on the day and there was just such a good atmosphere from start to finish making the event an utter success. There were lots of top quality Artists and Bands performing on the day too so it made for a magical music day.

There are lots of major festivals happening around this time of the year but please don't forget the little guys. We are lucky to have quite a few small local mini festival events over the next few months so make sure you show your support to keep these events happening and growing please. Keep your eye out for some of the following: CAMPFEST, WESTONBURY, REVS & RYTHMS, POTTERS BAR BEER FESTIVAL, PADDINGTON LIVE, MAGNAFEST, WESTONBURY, BROADWATER DAY and more to come….

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