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It has been a very productive and exciting few months here with many different Artists and Bands coming into the Studio to get their ideas and creations put in stone and record their records.

Well known locals the Cardinal Kings have been recording their long awaited new album, all record here at The Practice Roomz, which is due out very soon indeed! A must listen for all music fans! These boys are Ace.

Rapper Ben Brooks, has been in recently working on some new tracks in the studio and it is all sounding amazing.

Stevenage Rapper Rafael Faluyi has been paying us regular visits to put some vocals over his tracks and is due back this month to continue working on his new tracks, keep your eyes and ears out for this guy, I've got a good feeling about this one for sure!

Local original mod favourites The Myndset were in the studio last month recording their brand new single and are back in again this month so keep your eyes open for that one coming very soon….

Stevenage Singer/Songwriter George Powell was in recording his new songs which are sounding great, so work will continue this month so expect some very cool things from this George soon.

We had a quick visit from Easydread last month too as they needed to get some Drums recorded quickly for a project and all went very well indeed, in and out job done!

Matt Kidr has been utilising our in house Session Drummer, Clint Henderson to get Live drums on his current project, all being recorded here and this ongoing project is sounding very interesting indeed.

Daisy is a Singer/Songwriter who came in to see us to produce a recorded song for her to submit to a Major UK wide competition so we have our fingers crossed for her and wish her luck and positive vibes.

We have had a few walk ins too which is always interesting as we never know quite what to expect. We had Quashan come in who has his own Studio back home in Pakistan and he needed to get some jingles recorded whilst he was travelling so he came in and took the studio over and got the job done.

London based Singer/Songwriter Tim Brooks is a regular here at the Studio doing some very late nights indeed, he has been working on some new music so good things come to those who wait, this guy is very much worth waiting for.

Local well known and highly regarded Singer/Songwriter Mark Sullivan had been in and out of the studio working on his latest single "Wasting Time" which is penned about climate change and is out on Friday 2nd August, so make sure you support the cause and grab yourself a copy.

Godwill Masiwa was in the studio last week with some of our session musicians creating some Biblical beats down here at The Roomz so we look forward to working with him again on future projects.

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