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It is always flattering when you see session players and touring artist using your facilities.. and we have a lot of these artists now using the studios. One of which is now a good friend as well as top level musician, Mark Heaney.

Mark has been using the studio for solo projects and drum clinics over the last few years and has become a regular face around the room. His last two albums have been recorded here and were stunning pieces of work, even getting reviews in Modern Drummer and Rhythm Tech magazine. You can check out Drumscapes VOL 1 and Drumscapes VOL 2 ahead of his next release which has just finished recording coming very soon.

All of these albums have been recorded here at the studio between rooms 3, 5 and 6, Mark choosing what room had the perfect sound for his desired drum set up. Alongside these albums he has also managed to record 'Cinedrums', a piece for Wrong Planet Music which will also be out soon...

For now all we know is you can look forward to hearing the latest album 'Retribution' very soon... and no doubt it will join the other albums in the rank of masterclass recordings.

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