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With another busy year of recordings and the expansion of the studio site it didn't take long for bands to take advantage of the option to hire our Live room.

The most recent of these bands was to be Kodama who were ready to start tracking drums for their new album and we were excited to have them using the space! A 4 day hire of our Live room gave the lads ample time to come in and set up with their own engineer utilising the control room as part of their hire. The room is acoustically designed to give a fantastic sound for recording as well as playing together in a live set up. It boasts custom ceiling acoustic panels, graded treatment around the waistband of the room and angled roof lines to help with sound diffusion. The room also has a 32/8 line box to allow up to 32 channels of line recording at one time running into the control room.

It's a beautiful room and has everything you need to get a stunning recording from your efforts. We can't wait to hear Kodama's album when it's finished.... we had a sneak preview of the drums and they sounded incredible, so if that s anything to go by this album will be one to look out for.

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