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As another summer draws to an end... we have just brightened things up again here at the studio!!

We do like to keep everything here to the highest standard, upgrading equipment frequently to make sure everyone has the best possible experience when using our facilities. This month saw the arrival of the fist mixing desk upgrades and PA speakers. Choosing the right PA's can be tricky as we deal with a diverse selection of bands and see around 100 a week on average... so they need to be robust ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Welcome the brand new Soundcraft Signature 16's to help you get the best possible sound into the speakers at the business end.. and believe us when we say these desks are the business ๐Ÿ˜ With 6 band EQ, ghost pre amps and lexicon FX built in these are almost a VIP option for studio rehearsal and you will find them nestling in Studio's 5 and 6 ready for action!

On the PA speaker side we have gone for another industry standard option with the JBL EON taking centre stage for now offering a class D powered speaker to deliver your perfectly EQ'd desk mix... And this is just the first phase of our next upgrade list. We will be changing all studio PA's in the lead up to Christmas ahead of what we hope to be a busy 2020 at The Roomz!

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