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Mark Heaney MIXES latest Album

Mark Heaney has been a very busy bee in the last couple of years writing, self recording and producing his own set of albums, all of which he self records here at the studio. But since we built our new mix rooms we can now offer the full package to put the finishing touches to his mixes... and that's exactly what he has been doing!

With a string of albums being released over the last 2 years the ex Seahorses/Gang Of Four drummer has been creating his own solo project, encompassing the unique styles he plays inc Jazz, Trip Hop, Drum and Bass, Electronica, all fused with electronic elements and loops to create a mesmerising soundscape -

The latest piece of work from this incredible British drummer 'Retribution' has been cooking for the last few months here at the studio and we are sooo excited to hear it finished. With the mix rooms now finished Mark finished up his recording process in our Studio 3 and moved camp to Mix Suite 1 where he finalised the mix!

The album is not out yet but will be released very soon, so in the meantime hit the links above and listen to the last 2 albums Mark released, and you will hear why we are so excited about the next one!

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