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Havanah Record New EP ⭐️

It's been almost a year since Herts based Indie Rock band Havanah recorded some new material... but it sounds like it will be worth the wait!

After the first EP going Live in early 2019 the lads have been busy performing Live and honing their sound ready for more recording for the next EP. We are a real fan of their sound and if asked to pigeon hole them would say they definitely draw influences from some of the big bands of the last 20 years including Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, a back to basics guitar driven Indie band with high energy and hooky riffs. It always a pleasure working with this band in the studio, they bring a real fun vibe, a lot of laughs and banter which makes the whole process pretty enjoyable!

This most recent recording has shown a real growth in the bands sound with 3 new tracks all showcasing the individual strengths of the band... The rhythm section has grown noticeably tighter which really cements Harry (drums) and Adam (bass) providing a nice bed for the guitars (Joe and James) to do their thing. The band share vocal duties between Joe and James both lads bringing different but perfectly suited qualities to the topline.. Overall if you are into your Indy music you should be checking these guys out, and you can hear the last EP by clicking here!!

We are looking forward to mixing this next release so be sure to keep an eye out for the release date on their music page here.

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