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Kim Wilde preparing for next TOUR 💥

An extremely busy 2018 saw Kim Wilde release her much anticipated album 'Here Come The Aliens' and the album exceeded expectations with great reviews and an adjoining tour...

The tour encompassed the UK and pretty much most of Europe selling out venues and giving the fans some long awaited new material. The band warmed up for the tour here at the Rooms utilising the great space studio 5 offers for larger band set ups. Fast forward to 2019 and they were back preparing for the follow up tour 'Return Of The Aliens' which was yet again set to deliver a tour schedule across UK and Europe in November 2019, I can imagine due to a high demand to catch the new material Live again, along with some bonus tracks that you may not have heard yet!

We accommodated the band last week before they flew out for the first of the November tour dates and look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully early new year as Kim has just announced a 'Greatest Hits' tour into 2020... which is pretty exciting stuff!

An absolutely fantastic band and Kim, looking and sounding as great as ever you really should check out the album and if you enjoy Live music events then we recommend you try and get to one Kim's shows and experience a legend in the flesh.... see you there!

You can follow Kim and keep updated on social media here.

You can check out Kim's music here.

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