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Practice Roomz Lounge 🍺🍷

Its been in the pipeline for a while now... but we are pretty much ready to open the studio lounge bar!!

A regular thing we get asked here is why we don't sell alcohol.. so after a lot of thought and a spare room at the back of the studio we decided to set about building a small lounge bar for the use of our customers. The bar will serve a small selection of alcoholic drinks as well as offering posh coffee/tea and a nice space to chill either during your rehearsal breaks or when you are waiting for your kids to finish lessons or practice...etc, you get the idea!

It has been fitted with a music surround system to keep an ambient vibe and will have a large screen to show various themed visuals including live music performances and select music events throughout the year. Once we open the doors the events calendar will feature a special networking night for musicians to come and meet other like minded people in a friendly atmosphere and talk about their musical goals, maybe even form new bands or alliances with their music.

Its a whole lot to be excited about so make sure you keep up to date on our social media here.

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