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COVID - 19 - Studio Locksdown

With the recent unprecedented events of Covid-19 it has been a challenging time for all of us, with life as we know it changing for the forseeable.

It's a very strange time for everyone and will present challenges to daily life and routine that will be hard to cope with especially those who are alone or not used to having to stay at home for a lengthy time... like us!

Working in music is a way of life, the people you meet, the people you get to interact with, the stories you hear, the music you get used to hearing day to day and we miss it.. so much. It was a very sad day when we had to temporarily close the studio but it was a decision that soon after we closed was enforced nethertheless, which watching the crisis unfold, was the right one.... but this is only temporary 😁 And once this is all over we will be waiting with open doors to welcome you all back to your musical home.

Whilst in isolation it offers a time to look at ways to improve the existing facilities and get some feedback from you guys on what you would like to see when we are back in operation again. As you all know we had been working away on the new studio lounge bar which was finished off just before the lockdown, so on the plus side we can all look forward to a nice drink once this is over. We have lots of ideas and ways to improve over the next year and will continue to do so but it would be good to know of any ideas you have that could benefit your experience with us here. So please feel free to mail us here with any suggestions or ideas you have for us to consider once we re open.

In the meantime please keep safe and listen to the advice we are given to make sure we all get out of this lockdown sooner rather than later.


The Musicians Union have issued guidance for musicians affected by the crisis.

The #SaveLondonMusic campaign is calling for action to support musicians, promoters and venues during the current crisis. Many musicians who rely on gigs to pay the bills are currently struggling, as shows are cancelled and travel restricted. Please read this update and register your support for the campaign Corona virus update from the #SaveLondonMusic campaign.

Help musicians have released a financial hardship fund for musicians which may help

PRS have activated an emergency fund which you can find details on here

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