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Studio Rap Competition WINNER 🎧

A while back before the lockdown we ran a little competition where someone could win the chance to record a track with us including a personalised beat and mixing/mastering!

You will all know Andy here at the studio who greets you on the front desk when you visit us and makes sure everything is all good for your session.... but you probably didn't know he is a great producer, flexing his muscles in the lo-fi hip hop, rap scene and making beats for our very own studio collection. Well, we whittled the entries down to the one with the most inventive lyrics and flow and chose our winner. The local artist wishes to remain illusive for now until he drops his fist album later in 2020, but we can tell you.. he has all the markings of someone who could go a long way in this genre and we are excited to get him back in the studio to finish the track.

The prize included a recording session, a production session making amendments to our beat to make it exclusively for the winner and then a mixing session to get the track release ready before mastering!

We will link the track on here once it goes live on digital platforms!

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