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Rehearsal Studios go all ACTIVE ๐Ÿ”ˆ

Over the lockdown it gave us time to look at what we could add on our return to normality here at the studio, this time in the rehearsal studios.

For years now we have used passive PA systems in the studio and for Live events, switching to more digital and active based set ups in the last 2 years. With technology constantly changing and the need for space always a thing to consider in rehearsal rooms we decided to switch all our PA systems to active set ups. We had already switched out the old systems in the large studios 5 and 6 at the end of 2019 and thought the 4 standard rooms and mid sized rooms would benefit from this set up too.

With JBL systems in the large studios we decided to go for the Alto pro series active speakers in the other Rooms which allowed to get rid of excess equipment including power amps and fx units where they were now redundant. The new active speakers have class D per amplifiers inside making them more energy efficient and also using technology to protect the systems from overloading means they are better for the environment and also our repair costs are kept lower! With tis in mid it also made sense to look into new panel desks whit built in fx for every room, using alike for like set up in each room ensuring if you ever decide to upgrade or downgrade you would know the system you were using keeping you free of any hassle trying to work out alien fx sends and comp settings.

All in all it makes total sense and will keep things simpler and provide you guys with the great sound you need for your rehearsal session. The new desks should be in later part of the summer when we will look to start replacing the rehearsal amp selection before Christmas!

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