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NHS Back Charity Single

It had been a long few months in lockdown with a real eagerness brewing to get back in the studio... when I received a call from an NHS worker based in Stevenage on the first day back.

The call came and I was asked if I could meet with the Lister hospital pharmacist Duncan to discuss writing a track for the NHS in support of the Covid Pandemic. I was excited to hear what his idea was and see how I could help with this project and upon meeting Duncan everything became clear, and it was something I certainly wanted to help with.

Duncan had written lyrics that were about an older doctor and a young nurse detailing a story of how the young nurse was just about to start her career in the medical world, very eager to help people and then being faced with a global pandemic bringing to light how things can change in the blink of an eye and chaos can ensue. The only thing was it needed to be arranged into a song.... and then the little task of arranging all the music to go with it!

I set to work with a blank canvas and started to get ideas down and structure what would eventually be an emotional, uplifting commercial pop song. As the next few weeks progressed we kept in close contact and started to get mail from the NHS teams asking about the track and whether they could hear something to put forward to the marketing team and the heads of the charity organisations at the NHS. Once the track was demoed it was sent to the NHS team and the response was something we never expected! They loved the idea and the track, wanting full production to go ahead with the backing of the NHS and their Just Giving platform. This was amazing news and really got us excited about the next steps which would be to get the track produced a bit more ahead of bringing in NHS workers to record on the track in large numbers. With help from Duncan and the NHS internal newsletter we were inundated with requests to sing on the track and production has started....

This track is very special and though we are in the early stages it is looking like it will be released later this autumn... but you will need to keep an eye on our socials to find out what happens next!

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