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At The Roomz, Making Tunes 🔈 🎧

Music production here at the studio is in full flow recently with our newly built mix rooms. Andy, who you will see around the studio most evenings, is an incredible producer working in the realms of lo-fi and hip hop. He spends the daytimes creating music for the studio alongside working with most of the rappers we have visiting us for recording/production services.

Over the last 2 years we have been working with a lot more artists in the trap/drill/hip hop scene and it continues to grow. We offer bespoke services for artists including beat production, vocal recording and even music video here at the studio. The addition of these mini studios has allowed us to grow and offer these services around the clock with various styles in the last month such as drill, jungle mc and trap all using the facilities. With our latest offering 'The Practice Roomz Beatz' going live on our You tube channel, artists can now find our bespoke beats online and licence them direct from the studio with the advantage of being able to fully customise the track should you require.

We are looking forward to growing our production catalogue and producing new music with artists all across the board as we head into 2022. If you were curious as to what Andy makes for his own profile then you can check out 'MondoGreen' here.

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