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With winter fast approaching and the new lounge area finally ready to go... we welcomed the all new hot drinks machine!

Since we opened 8 yers ago customers have enjoyed a nice cuppa or coffee between rehearsal breaks.. and long may it continue. Our latest addition is the Nescafe Coffee and Go machine which offers a level up from the standard free hot drinks you currently have access to here in the studio kitchen. With the lounge bar now up and running we are able to offer a selection of alcoholic drinks and soft/hot drinks to our customers. The range of drinks is great with all your favourites and more, tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and vanilla latte all on offer.

The hot drinks machine has been real hit with parents waiting for children in lessons and also with daytime bands... the evenings we don't se as many people enjoying a hot cuppa... but then that's what we have the alcohol licence for 😁🍻. Make sure you sign up to The Practice Roomz app on Android or Apple today for your FREE studio membership to access the bar and all it has to offer!

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