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Over the years we have built up a collection of very nice recording backline... and though a lot of bands like to use their own kits we thought it was worth reminding you of some options here at the studio!

One of the most appreciated thing to have access to in the studio is a nice drum kit, one that suits your style, one that is tuned, looked after and ready for action. Well, one of our all round favourites here is the Mapex Horizon . This kit sounds great for all sorts of genres from pop to Indie to Rock. We always keep the kits tuned and re headed for recording, the 22" bass drum with Evan EC2 head packs a big punch, tom options 10", 12" and 14" hanging toms and big sounding 16" floor tom. This kit is a favourite with many bands recording here.

If your looking for something a bit more old skool with an era defining massive sound then we have our vintage Premiere Royal Ace in gold wrap waiting in the wings. This kit is a real head turner but aside form that it has a unique sound reminiscent of the 70's rock era stadium sound. This is definitely a weapon of precise choice if you are looking for a certain sound. It's been with us now for many years and the last band to record on it were Watford based Glam Rock band 'The Wicked Jackals' who were on the road supporting Chris Holmes just last year.

Last year introduced a brand new addition from the excellent Cambridge Drum Company. We have been building relations with these guys for a while now and decided we should have a Cambridge kit as an option here. Beautiful sounding kits they lend themselves to all sorts of styles but our set up is perfect for Jazz drummers and Indie Pop due to its small bass drum and toms giving that unique warm and resonant sound.

These are just a selection of what we have here, we have access to many kits including Gretsch, Tama and Pearl that can be tuned and headed for your recording session should you require. Keep an eye out for our audio samples blog coming soon!

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